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Sculpey 3 Clay Sets

Sculpey 3 Clay Sets

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These 10-Color Sets contain 2 oz. pieces of Sculpey III in assorted colors.

Natural Set: 001 White, 042 Black, 1645 Elephant Gray, 322 Leaf Green, 083 Red, 1657 Hazelnut, 033 Sweet Potato, 093 Beige, 1109 Suede Brown, 301 Tan

Classic Colors Set: 001 White, 042 Black, 072 Yellow, 1634 Just Orange, 083 Red, 513 Purple, 063 Blue, 323 Emerald, 053 Chocolate, 093 Beige 

Bright Colors Set: White, Yellow, Orange, Red Hot Red, Hot Pink, Fuschia Pearl, Violet, Purple, Turquoise, Granny Smith

30 Color Sampler Set: Black, Emerald, Violet, Yellow, Teal Pearl, Camouflage, Red Hot Red, Just Orange, Ballerina, Lt. Blue Pearl, Translucent, Sweet Potato, Blue, Deep Red Pearl, Pearl, Spring Lilac, Suede Brown, Granny Smith, Gold, Lemonade, Gentle Plum, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Beige, Turquoise, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Silver, Red, White

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