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Kenley Turner

October 11 DIY Sticker Making Party!

October 11 DIY Sticker Making Party!

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Digital Art: Sticker Making
CLASS DATE: Friday, October 11, 6:00-9:00pm
LOCATION: Oil and Cotton Studio
INSTRUCTOR: Kenley Turner of Ghostgrl Studio 


Love to doodle? Let's make STICKERS!! Design your very own sticker sheet while learning Adobe Photoshop basics! If you love to draw, have a book of sketches, and want to make your creations into a functional, portable sticker, take this class! 
We will also be enjoying drinks and snacks of course! Students will receive a kit included with the price of the workshop.

Students will receive:

1 small notebook

1 black felt pen

1 pencil

As many stickers as you can make in the time given!!

Students must bring a device with Adobe Photoshop downloaded.

Click Here to get a 7 day free Photoshop Trial

Downloading Adobe Capture onto your phone is recommended!

Instructor Bio:
Kenley Turner is a graphic media, print, video, and mixed media artist who participates in DIY culture and spaces. She often makes zines as a form of sharing information, poetry, and personal feelings. She has shown work in many zine festivals, artbook fairs, and DIY shows! She believes in open source knowledge, accessibility, and artwork for all!  


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