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Mont Marte Signature Leafing Size 60mls

Mont Marte Signature Leafing Size 60mls

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Mont Marte Leafing Size is a water-based adhesive perfectly suited for gilding projects. It suitable to use with Mont Marte Leaf. It is the ideal adhesive to use when you are creating thin glazes, washes, and water colour effect without having to reduce colour strength and adhesive qualities.

Mont Marte Leafing Size stays open where prolonged track time is needed. This water based gliding adhesive from Mont Marte is developed to dry to a transparent finish and can be cleaned up with water.

Mont Marte Leafing Size does not require dilution – meaning it can be used directly from the container. It is perfect to use on porous and non-porous surfaces including canvas, glass, leather, metal, plaster, and wood.

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