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Mont Marte

Mont Marte Extra Soft Oil Pastels 26pc

Mont Marte Extra Soft Oil Pastels 26pc

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The ultra-soft buttery texture gives you exceptional blending and clean colour mixing for a great result. Thanks to the highly blendable formula, it's easy to work with a palette knife to achieve textural effects. Use them on a range of smooth or textured surfaces, including paper, card and canvas. Experiment and create interesting designs, patterns and techniques. You can even mix these art pastels with oil mediums or turps for a wet, glossy effect. Try something new, up your oil pastel game and give this ultra-soft formula a go for your next art or craft project. The colors in each set are listed below.


Macron Set Colors: White, Pastel Daffodil, Pastel Cantaloupe, Pastel Mustard, Pastel Blush, Pastel Orange, Pastel Pink, pastel Cherry, Pastel Mauve, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Cerulean, Pastel Cobalt, Pastel Turquoise, Pastel Pear, Pastel Sap Green, Pastel Dusty Pink, Pastel Red Clay, Pastel Chestnut, Gold, Silver

Vibrant Set Colors: White (x3), Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Tangerine, Orange, Scarlet, Crimson, Pink, Light Purple, Purple, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Chartreuse, Olive Green, Khaki, Grey, Apricot, Red Oxide, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, Black

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