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Milan Kids Maxi Ergo-Grip 12pc Color Pencils and Sharpener

Milan Kids Maxi Ergo-Grip 12pc Color Pencils and Sharpener

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LEAD: The lead of MILAN colour pencils is formed by a blend of pigments, chalks and binding agents.

Each lead has been previously treated and impregnated in a warm bath before being bonded to the wood. As a result, the leads are more resistant and produce a uniform stroke.

The MILAN colour pencils allow a wide range of strokes: shading in one direction, crosshatching, stripes, along with juxtapositions and superimposing of tones. Due to the smoothness of MILAN pencil's stroke, uniform tones and shading can easily be achieved.

PIGMENTS: The pigments used in MILAN colour pencils are of the highest quality, lightfast and safe, complying with European (EN71) and North American regulations (ASTM).

COMPACT Fluorescent mechanical eraser & pencil with mechanical push button. 0.9 mm 2B lead which is soft and chunky, making it perfect for writing and artistic drawing. Extra-large MILAN eraser.  Available in 4 Fluorescent colours with black details: yellow, orange, pink, green. Measurements of COMPACT mechanical pencil: 13 x 1.8 x 1.6 cm.
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