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Oil and Cotton

June 17-21 Morning Camp: San Francisco Summer of Love

June 17-21 Morning Camp: San Francisco Summer of Love

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Time Travel: Five-Day Art Camp
When: Mon-Fri, June 17-21, 9am-12pm
Where: 2313 Beatrice Street #100, Dallas, TX 75208
Age: 4-12
Teachers: Kenya Diaz & Abby Allen

*Please pack a snack and bring a water bottle. For full-day campers, remember to also bring a lunch and snack for both the morning and afternoon camps.

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Description: Far out! This is the dawning of the age of art. Experience the fun colors and groovy shapes of 1960s hippie culture. Tie dye a t-shirt, paint a tapestry pillow, and collage a funky Love Bug! Use a variety of printmaking techniques to design and print your own Rock n’ Roll poster, sculpt hippie beads, and macramé a belt. You heard that right – macramé! Psychedelic painting has made a comeback – we’ll look at current and past artists who work in this fun and colorful style, and if you’re not smiling yet, just put on your Have a Nice Day Mask.

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