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Oil and Cotton

June 14 Teen Shop + Learn Watercolor Afternoon Camp

June 14 Teen Shop + Learn Watercolor Afternoon Camp

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1 Day Watercolor Camp for ages 10-18
Friday, June 14, 1:15-4:15pm
Location: Oil and Cotton 2313 Beatrice St. #100 Dallas, TX 75208 
Instructor: Oil and Cotton Staff
Price: $75.00

In this friendly beginner workshop we will demystify watercolor painting techniques while keeping the magic alive. This special workshop includes a shopping budget for watercolor supplies in our shop. Teens will have a credit of $25 to spend in the shop before class begins.  Our teen watercolor intensive begins with an introduction to basic watercolor vocabulary and techniques. Learn about different types of brushes, paint options, and paper varieties. We will explore simple compositional underdrawings, how to lay down background washes, and finish the with glazing details. Students will make technique guide and studies that range from landscape, abstraction, to illustration.

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