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Shannon Driscoll

July 28 Painted Color Wheel: Intro to Color Theory

July 28 Painted Color Wheel: Intro to Color Theory

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Painted Color Wheel: Intro to Color Theory
Sunday, July 28, 11-2pm
Instructor: Shannon Driscoll

Unveil the secrets of color mixing and master the use of a color wheel as a versatile tool in the art studio. In this class, participants will map out an 18-section color wheel on a beautiful circular wood panel. Our class discussions will flow from primary colors to secondary, tertiary, analogous, and complementary colors, while also exploring shades and tints. Together we will blend acrylic paints to create a dynamic range of colors perfect for showcasing on your walls.

All materials are provided. Students will get to take home a set of golden acrylic paints, brush and leave feeling equipped to continue practicing and experimenting beyond this workshop. To add more supplies visit our online shop!

Tuition $100 | Materials $50 


Buddy Discount: If you are registering with a friend please use the discount code BUDDY to receive 10% off of your combined registration.


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