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Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks- 32 colors / 64 crayons

Crayon Rocks- 32 colors / 64 crayons

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Without a doubt, the most unique crayons you've ever experienced! Each set includes brightly pigmented, soy wax crayons in the shape of small smooth pebbles. Each one is the same shape, a bit like a rounded triangle with one longer, narrower side. This side is held between the fingers and helps to promote a tripod grip. Used by physical therapists and early childhood educators, not only are the crayons easy to hold, but they are also unique and work very well for coloring. The colors are bright and the texture is quite smooth when you write with them. They would also work very well for crayon rubbings, since they have a broader surface area.

32 colors / 64 crayons

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