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Beam Paints Inaatig - Maple

Beam Paints Inaatig - Maple

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This palette comes from the heart of our familys Maple Sugar Bush, colours inspired by the magical tree in spring with its chartreuse tree flowers, the silver grey and deep black of its trunk, the red maple colour and ochre colours of its leaves in the fall. And violet in the punky bark used by elders to dye porcupine quills for basket making. Set in a cross section of a dry sugar maple branch each one marked with unique marbling that comes from slow dry aging maple. From our maple forest, tended and cared for by our family for generations, 1/2 inch pans sealed with hemp oil makes this a totally vegan palette from paint to wood.

Maple 11- Red Sugar Maple, Bread, Wild Rose, Cloudless Sulphur, Ultra Grey, Wintery Night, Timberwolf, Lake Huron Teal, Milkweed, Violet and Mars Black

Maple 8- Grey Ultra, Cloudless Sulphur, Cherry Magenta, Bread, Wintery Night, Timberwolf, Wintery Night, Lake Huron Teal, Milkweed.

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