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Oil and Cotton

FALL Semester Teen Textiles

FALL Semester Teen Textiles

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August 22-December 19, 2024
No classes held Thanksgiving week
Mondays 5:00-6:30pm
Age: 11-15
Instructor: June Covington

Our weekly art programs offer students the opportunity to work with professional artists in a variety of mediums and styles. Weekly Textile Art Classes, led by June Covington, will explore textiles and fiber arts through hands-on experiments in needle crafts, weaving, dyeing, and sculpture.

This class will play with the intersection of craft and art, offering students the opportunity to take their projects into either functional or sculptural forms. Fall projects will include crochet, circle weaving, and batik dyeing. Students will use their projects to explore the principles and elements of Art: texture, volume, form, pattern, shape, color theory, and more. This exploration gives them the ability to be thoughtful about their work, to talk about it in critique, and present pieces in their portfolio. 

Some assigned projects may take more than one week and require time outside of class to complete, especially for those pursuing a strong portfolio. In addition to assigned projects, students will enjoy time for personal extension in a specific medium. This weekly meetup is a great decompression time for teens. Sharing interests and skills, working with their hands, and relaxing in a judgment-free zone with Ms. June is a beautiful balance and effective complement to the the rigor of academics.  

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