Kenley Turner is our studio manager, a music department faculty member, and works with people on our social practice and off site endeavors!

She began her relationship with Oil and Cotton when she was 16, a sophomore in the music department at Booker T. Washington High School for The Performing and Visual Arts. There, she studied guitar and contemporary music composition. Her love for performing and songwriting allowed her to intern with Oil and Cotton in highschool. Later, she received a BFA in sculpture at Kansas City Art Institute.

Kenley is inspired by integration of the arts, and is interested in combining music, performance, songwriting, video, digital media, sculpture, painting, and textiles into one practice! Oil and Cotton gives her the space and community to let all of these very different disciplines coexist and thrive together.

She has been making art under the moniker Ghostgrl Studio and you can find out more about her art practice HERE