Haley Hodde is a Dallas native, the daughter of an art teacher, an unlikely creative and a lifelong patron of the arts. As a child, she escaped the Texas summers in the art galleries and performance halls of the city, learning to engage with creative works and support artistic communities. Her mom taught her to sew when she was 7. Her Grammy taught her to knit when she was 12. These wonderful women ignited her passion for fiber and fabric, a gift that Haley is honored to share through teaching and support.

A business consultant by day, the fiber arts have given Haley the gift of tangible, tactile play, a welcome balance to spreadsheets and strategies. She is continually in awe of the communal nature of fiber arts: the cycle of learning and giving, making and mending, expressing and connecting. Her work is deeply practical, seeking to bring beauty to functional, everyday items.

Haley lives in Oak Cliff with her husband and serves on the ATT Performing Arts Center Auxiliary Board, which supports the center’s mission of promoting the arts in Dallas.