Erika Duque is a landscape and nature based painter who lives and works in Fort Worth, TX. She is originally from Flushing, Queens, NY. Duque received her BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her MFA in painting at Texas Christian University. She has been featured in over thirty solo and group shows combined, throughout Dallas Fort Worth. In 2017, Duque was nominated by Ro2 Gallery for Rising Star Fundraiser at the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts.

Duque has four years of teaching experience in the arts throughout the DFW area. She has taught all ages (elementary, middle school, high school, university level and beyond). She has been invited to lead workshops at museums such as The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and The Sid Richardson Museum. 

In her studio, through painting, she tries to recreate the sensation and amazement that can be felt and seen in nature. Her practice also includes visiting state parks, national parks or any green space. She takes field notes, sketches, photographs, and videos, to take back to the studio and work from. By not painting plein air, she uses her memory to be her main source of inspiration, by doing this she is allowing slight exaggerations in colors and textures to personalize the experience of being in nature