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October 9 Indigenous People's Day Afternoon Camp

October 9 Indigenous People's Day Afternoon Camp

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Monday, October 9, 2023 1-4pm
Location: 2313 Beatrice Street #100, Dallas, TX 75208
Instructor: Abby Allen
Ages: 5-12
Price: $55 

*Please pack a snack for every camp your child is signed up for and bring a water bottle. If campers are registered for both morning and afternoon camps, they can stay for lunch. Don't forget to use code SIBLING10 for 10% off when enrolling with a sibling.

Camp Description:
For this camp, we will explore both contemporary and traditional art and craft of native cultures. We will focus on empathy in American history and the proliferation of the idea of walking a mile in someone else's shoes. This concept came from Native American culture and was put into poetic form by Mary Lathrap in 1895. Since then, it is a commonly used phrase in church, school, and everyday life. Cultivating empathy in our culture is of great importance and relevancy, especially in our contentious political environment. 

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