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Oil and Cotton

July 15-19 Afternoon Camp: Papier Mâché Sculpture

July 15-19 Afternoon Camp: Papier Mâché Sculpture

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Technique Camp: Five-Day Art Camp
When: Mon-Fri, June 15-19, 1-4pm
Where: 2313 Beatrice Street #100, Dallas, TX 75208
Age: 6-12
Teachers: Kenya Diaz & Abby Allen

*Please pack a snack and bring a water bottle. For full-day campers, remember to also bring a lunch and snack for both the morning and afternoon camps.

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Papier mâché sculpture is one of our most popular camp projects, so we've decided to dedicate an entire week to this inspiring art form. Papier mâché encourages artistic expression while fostering an eco-friendly approach by utilizing recycled materials. From mythical beasts to creepy monsters, our campers have the freedom to create anything they desire, resulting in a fantastic variety of masterpieces.

Our framework will be a structure of repurposed materials like newspaper, cardboard, containers and packaging scavenged from the recycling bin. Artist will bring life and personality to their creations with brushes and paint! Finishing touches and embellishments will be added with glue and decorative materials from the Oil and Cotton bins of odds and ends.

This camp encourages artists to embrace their unique styles and showcase their individuality. Papier mâché nurtures creativity but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility. By using recycled materials, our young artists learn the value of sustainability and the beauty of transforming discarded objects into art.

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