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Erin Frisch

Feb 17-18 Stitching from a Photograph (2 Day Series)

Feb 17-18 Stitching from a Photograph (2 Day Series)

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Stitching from a Photograph (2 Day Series)
CLASS DATE: Saturday + Sunday, Feb 17-18, (Sat 3-6pm, Sun 11-2pm)
LOCATION: 2313 Beatrice Street #100, 75208
# of Students: 4-12

Learn how to transform a personal photograph into an original work of embroidery in this workshop. 

Over the course of two sessions, students will learn how to create an original design from a photograph that they bring to class. With guidance from the instructor, students can follow their own path of inspiration to create a truly original work. Students will get a deep dive into the instructor’s own creative practice.

The workshop focuses on developing an original embroidery pattern, from initial inspiration to final execution. This workshop is beginner-friendly, but all levels are welcome. 

Students will draw or trace their designs with a focus on composition. Students will learn a variety of stitches. They will use the power of thread to convey texture, distance, and even feeling with their stitches. Embroidery takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. Time outside of class will be needed to finish your work. 

Student Instructions: Please bring a photo (or selection of photos to choose from) that will inspire your embroidery. If possible, bring a laptop or iPad with your photo or bring a printed copy of your photo. Feel free to bring your lunch on Day 2!

Note: There is no instructor-provided embroidery pattern with this class. It is designed for you to dive in and create one yourself. Tracing is an option if drawing is not your strong suit.

Workshop Outline

Session 1: 
How to Draw an Embroidery Pattern from a Photograph
Planning for Creative Mark Making and Color Selection
Embroidery Techniques - Materials, Preparing your Hoop, Threading Needle

Session 2:
Embroidery Techniques: Transferring Your Design onto Fabric & Finishing Your Hoop
Building Texture and Color with Thread
Embroidery Stitches: Satin Stitch, Back Stitch, French Knot, and others

Kit Includes:
-DMC Embroidery Floss (Students can shop the instructor’s stash of many colors.)
-Thread Snips
-Embroidery Hoop
-Cotton Fabric
-Additional drawing and embroidery materials as needed


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-Early Bird Discount: Register 14 days before class and enter code BIRD to receive 10% off of your registration.


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