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Kenley Turner

December 10 Digital Art: Sticker Making

December 10 Digital Art: Sticker Making

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Sunday, August 20th, 1-4 pm
LOCATION: 2313 Beatrice Street #100, 75208

Instructor: Kenley Turner of
Ghostgrl Studio

# of Students: 4-16

Ages 15+

Instructor Kenley Turner will help students learn or refine a digital art practice! Create work or convert previously existing work onto a digital platform. Learn motif, icon, or character design and realize your images onto cute stickers that you can interact with in a physical realm!

Students will receive:

1 small notebook

1 black felt pen

1 pencil

As many stickers as you can make in the time given!!

Students must bring a laptop with Adobe Photoshop downloaded.

Click Here to get a 7 day free Photoshop Trial

Downloading Adobe Capture onto your phone is recommended!

Instructor Bio:
The immersive exposure to the arts she received at Booker T. Washington introduced Kenley to many performance Artists that combine music, performing, and visual art into a singular medium, which she became extremely interested in. From this point, she went on to study visual arts at Kansas City Art Institute and she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. As of now, she lives in Dallas, Texas creating fashion, music, sculptures, and paintings as a means of world-building to promote imagination, self-expression, and personal liberation.  You can catch her most days at Oil and Cotton where she works full time :) 

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