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June Covington

April 14 Fundamentals of Hand Spinning Wool

April 14 Fundamentals of Hand Spinning Wool

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Fundamentals of Hand Spinning Wool

Sunday, April 14, 11AM-2:30PM
Location: 2313 Beatrice St. Suite #100
Instructor: June Covington
# of Students: 4 - 6

Fairy tales are not always about love, as we have been told, they are about spinning yarn. 

Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Arachne, Ananzi, Friga's Distaff all share a theme, the best spinner gets the power. The workshop will begin with the history and culture of this ancient and universal craft. 

Workshop participants will also be introduced to: 

Selecting wool by breed for specific purposes 

Purchasing spindles, cards and wool 

Sorting and washing wool 

Preparing the wool fibers by carding & combing 

Drafting with a hand spindle to make a single yarn 

Plying two strands of yarn 

Setting twist 

Storing wool and yarn 

The end result will be a small skein of useful and fabulous yarn from your own fingers!

Materials Provided:Spindle and wool for the workshop 

*Specialty Kits will be available to purchase for continued practicing after the workshop.

About the teacher

June Covington is an artist and art educator, with a background in Printmaking who also works extensively in the Textile Arts. Time and process are essential elements in her work, exploring the expressive qualities of common materials. She is happiest when working with people who are learning and making art together. June currently works as a teacher and the Textile Arts Coordinator at Oil & Cotton Creative Exchange in Dallas,Texas.


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